2017: a review

“Hope smiles from the threshold of the year to come, whispering, ‘It will be happier.‘”

Alfred Lord Tennyson

Here’s some of my favourite reading this year…

Tom Sherrington is always worth reading and rightly influential in the wider educational debate. His School Leadership in 12 Slides post summarised the important features of top level functions in schools wonderfully for me, and as I move into the higher echelons of senior leadership, a lot to learn from.

Apparently I was the first ‘Twitterati’ Jo Morgan met! Resourceaholic should be the first place you go to if you’re a Maths teacher looking for inspiration in your planning. Her more ‘activist’-style posts like this one are brilliant.

Craig Barton is working through interviewing the key players in current educational thinking at a rate of knots, and his podcasts continue to be informative. My particular favourite is the one with Dylan William, but they’re all pretty spectacular. I hold out hope to be an interviewee one day. I’ll have to do something important first…

Cal Newport has been an idol of mine for a while but 2017 was the year in which I started to intensely analyse and process his ideas. His blog is brilliant.

Finally, Aidan Severs makes relevant and useful blog writing look easy. If the outcome of events were slightly different I understand some collaboration might have been on the cards, but otherwise I can just sit and enjoy reading posts like this.

So yes, farewell 2017. You were stressful, but I’ve come through a stronger and fitter person (literally!) as a result. A new, more senior role (though much closer to home!) means I’ll need to dedicate my focus even more on ‘core business’ (more on that below) but I’m hoping to reignite The Lean Department (AGAIN) – you could say I’ve ‘pivoted’ from what I talked about at ResearchEd in the Autumn – thanks to Tom and the team for the invite by the way!

If there’s a lesson I’ve learned this year it’s to focus one’s attention on what really matters – my health, my family, and living a quality life – and I’ve already started that process off as the year began to turn. I’m really looking forward to continuing that as 2018 comes over the (ahem) horizon.

See you on the flipside.


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