The Healthy Teacher Project – Diet

Everything I put into my body I considered medicine.
David Blaine

Days completed – 7
Pounds lost – 6

So for the past week my diet has been low carb, not quite ketogenic (when your body goes into a process of ketosis and starts to burn ketones generates from a different metabolic process), but certainly lacking in bread, pasta, cakes, beer and all of that good stuff.

As you can tell by the number above, results have been pretty good so far. This in all honesty is probably more down to water weight loss, but I’ll take it. Next week will be the real test of how effective things are.

So what am I eating? Pretty much just meat, dairy, nuts, olives, non-starchy veg such as broccoli and cauliflower, salad leaves, eggs. Lots of oils and vinegars and spices to keep things interesting. I’ll be honest, I could smash into a meat feast pizza from the local takeaway, but then that’s the point of all of this – I’m trying to shift 25 years’ worth of meat feast pizzas… here’s a typical midday meal plate:

Yes that is my daughter’s Minnie Mouse plate.
I feel no shame.

I’ll also be a little more honest – I have had a couple of meals that don’t fit the template above. On Thursday we had a family meal at a local curry house. It took all of my willpower but I managed just to have the tandoori grill without rice, chips or naan bread side – a choice that whilst not exactly healthy, does keep in fitting with my overall plan. Similarly, we’ve had a trip to the seaside this past week, and the only meal I had all day was fish and chips with an ice cream – again, not exactly low carb but because this was the only thing I pretty much ate, it meant that I hit a calorie deficit for the day.

What I haven’t been doing is logging what I eat and therefore counting calories. That starts this week, it’s the next phase of the plan – first cope with the food changes, and then develop a manageable calorie deficit. I’m going to use MyFitnessPal to do this, as it’ll give me a suggested calorie measure and allow me to keep an eye on my carb intake. I’ll discuss this and the metrics I’m keeping an eye on next time.

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