Hello, I’m Amir.

I qualified as a Maths teacher in 2005, gaining my PGCE from the University of Manchester. Prior to this I worked in the railway industry as a Project Engineer, after graduating from Sheffield Hallam University with a Batchelor’s Degree (with Honours) in Mechanical Engineering. I’m lucky to be husband to a beautiful wife and father to an amazing daughter.

I am a teacher and senior leader in an academy in West Yorkshire. I’m absolutely passionate about Mathematics, and want to promote the great efforts that are happening at the ‘grass roots’ level of education to improve its teaching. I am also interested in how proper leadership impacts on the quality of education in schools, and how good design practices enhance and support teaching and learning.

The name At the Edge of Chaos comes from my belief that as teachers we are bringing order and simplicity to the lives of children, and that without education, the world would be a very messed up place.

You can contact me either via Twitter @workedgechaos or via e-mail workedgechaos@gmail.com

The opinions expressed on this blog are not those of my employer.

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